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The flower bed edging services provided at Flower Bed Edging Guys are simple, attractive borders that will keep grass from invading your garden and will eliminate the need for edge trimming. The experts at Flower Bed Edging Guys will not only show you how to create but will install metal, paver and stone borders for you that will require for no maintenance.


Metal borders

These are metal strip that are used to separate the lawn from the garden. At Flower Bed Edging Guys there is 4-in deep strip of steel, aluminum and plastic which are the simplest and most subtle borders that effectively separate the lawn for the garden area. They are designed to bend smoothly and gracefully into curves and they help stop the spread of grass roots. They are all work best on fairly terrain and in case you have a lot of dips and rises, it will be easier to install a paver border.


Cast concrete edging

This type of edging helps in easing the mowing and has a serpentine shape that creates a winding path through the landscape, they come in varying heights that add interest and allow for a smooth transition on a slope or even the landscape.

For these and any other such services, please contact Flower Bed Edging Guys on 888-246-9991.

For your flower bed edging needs contact Flower Bed Edging Guys on 888-246-9991 and learn more about the various ways of edging your flower beds, we offer comprehensive solutions and our team of experts who have a wealth of experience will share their expertise so that you have the best flower bed edging in your property, call us today on 888-246-9991 and book a personal consultation with the leading service providers, you can as well enquire for a professional quote and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, we will be glad to serve you.

Rock garden edging

You can mix and match rock shapes and colors for a natural garden edge, the large multicolor rocks normally complement the landscapes informal style. When positioned in a winding pattern, the round boulders allow sweet alyssum to creep over and between the rocks and in the process they create a lacy, scalloped look in this landscaped flower bed. The team at Flower Bed Edging Guys will help in the installation of this edging. The installation requires commercial brick and spikes, crushed rock and sand and bricks.

The first thing during the installation involves the creation of the base; it is done by stripping out soil 4 to 10 inches deep, after this a few inches of rock is laid down and then a couple of sand is laid. The next step is adding the edge by anchoring it atop the sand. The bricks are then laid; the first row of bricks is positioned against the edging. The last thing during installation involves the nailing down of the outer edging as the last row of the bricks is laid.

The Flower Bed Edging Guys have the landscaping and edging ideas that the customers can use to lend character, definition and texture to their landscaping beds. Visit us today and learn more.

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