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In most households in Harlowton, MT the garden is that part of a house where you can freely interact with the elements of the nature, spend time with these elements of nature and become familiar with the mysteries of the mother nature. To enhance the beauty and maintenance of the garden edges and borders hold an utmost importance. The edges and the borders are normally used as boundaries between the gardens and paths, lawns and various landscaping features such as fountains, ponds and neighboring garden flower beds. At the Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT we not only install edging for your garden design during the installment but we also create and install edging on an existing garden.


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The experts at Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT have a rich experience in the edging for flower beds; they know how to install all types of designs for edging your flower beds. They are read to share their expertise with the customers. They uphold professionalism when they are rendering service to the customers.



The Flower Bed Edging Guys have been in operation for long and essentially operates from Harlowton, MT. The business has stood the pressures of the industry for the many years it have in operation. The Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT treats all customers with respect and the policies set treat the customers as the bosses.

For these and any other such services, please contact Flower Bed Edging Guys on 888-246-9991.

There are different types of garden edges available at Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT and borders too that are easily constructed, contact us today on 888-246-9991 and enquire for a professional quotation and book a personal consultation as well.

Horizontal brick landscape edging

Brick landscape edging is the most common option in which the bricks are cemented in place or just dug into the soil. To make the movement of the mower easier the experts from Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT make sure that the bricks are laid flat. The other alternative is to have the bricks cemented in place to form a raised line one brick high along the garden edge. The spaces between the bricks are eliminated by positioning the bricks together firmly so that the dirt does not slip through the gaps. The bricks that are set in the bed of sand ensure the prevention of unevenness in the setting and movement. This design has several advantages that are; the bricks are readily available and they are cheap. The cons of this edging include discoloration because of dirt, moss and algae, possibility of unevenness when fixed in the soil and the probability of weed growing between and over the bricks.

Diagonal brick edging

The bricks can be laid diagonally so as to create an attractive border. During this installation a trench is normally dug and several inches of coarse sand is added to facilitate drainage, the bricks are then placed in the trench in such a way that they are positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees in the trench. The trench is then filled with soil and packed down firmly. The pons is that they are attractive and assists with drainage during heavy rainfall.

The Flower Bed Edging Guys in Harlowton, MT is here to offer you the solutions to your flower edging needs, call us today on 888-246-9991 and we will be happy to be of help to you.

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